Friday, February 17, 2012


         Today just isn’t my day. First I got detention for Ms. Shmuckers: Aka Ms. Shmuck. I was late because my bus was running a little behind because of the fog. I got to Ms. Shmucks class and I could tell she woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
        All through the hour she was complaining and wining about how bad we are and how irresponsible we are. I kind of lost it there. I’ve done nothing wrong to be criticized this or anyone in that matter. I got up and just walked out of the room.
        “Ashley where do you think you’re going?” Shmuck remarked.
        “Uhhh, I, I, got to go.” I couldn’t really think of anything so I just said it was an emergency.
        Later that day I was called down to the office by Mr. Hendricks.
        He was saying how I need to be respectful towards my teachers and fellow classmates which I don’t know how that goes with what actually happened.
        I really hate it when someone asks. “Do you know why you’re here?” and they know I know the answer. I replied to him saying that I was not doing anything wrong and it was my bus drivers fault for me being late. He didn’t really buy it, because he gave me a detention which I have to serve after school is over.
        I don’t think my day could get any worse.
        As last hour rolled along I just stared out the window the whole hour. Mr. Thomas told me to sit up a couple of times but he didn’t say anything after I turned back towards the window.
        As the bell rang for school to end I called my mom saying to pick me up at four thirty because I had detention to serve for Ms. Shmuckers. She was kind of upset when she heard this because she said she was going to have a talk with me when she picked me up and that I would have to apologize to her. I just groaned and rolled my eyes saying that it wasn’t my fault but of course my mom said its never your fault, you always have to blame your actions on somebody else. I quickly ended the conversation and went down to Ms. Shmuck’s room.
        She glanced at me with the dirtiest look I have ever seen in my life. I knew this was going to be the worst detention in my life.
        She just told me to write a rule that she has in her class and I could choose which one I wanted to do. Of course I chose the shortest one which stated. “I will respect me fellow teachers/classmates and will not disturb the class in any way, shape, or form.” And that’s the shortest one she has.
        About a half an hour went by and I got to have a ten minute break. I walked over to her desk and handed her my paper with my rules. She took ahold of it out of my hands and quickly skimmed it. She then through it in the recycling: because she doesn’t believe in wasting trees.
        I quickly walked at a steady pace not glancing back to my worst fear. Which is her evil glare: and makes you die a little inside, and outside.
        Be back no later than ten minutes she spoke with a tone that made me want to run for my life.
        I walked to my locker and saw Zack at the corner of my eye and ran up to catch up with him. He said that he had a detention for Mr. Thomas. I chuckled at the thought of why he would have one.
        He said he had to go back but I knew he had a lot on his mind so I didn’t bother with asking questions why he had to go.
        He turned slightly and walked away. I quickly fixed my eyes upon something that had fallen out of his folder. I picked it up and just read a little of it and knew it was his project that he has been working on for a long time for Ms. Shmucks class.
        I tried finding him but couldn’t. I was already late by five minutes. So I guess I can give up five more minutes trying to find him. I gave up after exactly five minutes and started walking over to Ms. Shmuck’s room. I was half way there and say something to my left.
        I heard some yelling/crying. I peeked out the door and there was Zach, laying on the ground in shock and almost passed out. Kurt, Kyle, and Kevin heard the door open as I tried not showing my face so it would scare them off.
        I ran over to Zach checking to see if he was still breathing. He was so I ran as fast as I could to Mr. Thomas and I was talking so fast I started to hypervenelate. He told me to take big and slow breaths and I just cried out; go get Zach! He’s in a lot of pain and that’s all I remember from blacking out because of all the things that just happened and actually catching up to speed what had actually happened.
        I awoke up from my “sleep/daze” and heard the most annoying noise; an ambulance just outside the entrance pulling Zach inside. Mr. Thomas came in reassuring me that he had just a couple of bruises and that I didn’t need to stay for my detention and that Ms. Shmuckers would be okay with it.
        I called my mom and told her what had happened. She said she would be here in about five minutes and be ready to go visit Zack exactly when she got here.
I got my stuff and ran to the door spotting her car and got in.
        We made it to the hospital and the doctor said everything was fine and he just needed a lot of rest.
        I asked my mom to leave the room and walked over to his bedside. I gently bent down and kissed his lips. A tear rolled down my cheek and onto his. I walked over to the chair and prayed to God that he would get better and not have anything broken and this would all be over soon.